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The latest trends shaping the future of logistics

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How AI will revolutionize logistics
From boosting back-end operations to personalizing the customer experience, Artificial Intelligence is a game-changer for the logistics industry.
Putting innovation into practice
The competition in the logistics industry pushes businesses to continuously innovate and improve current processes, or risk being left behind.
Robots lend helping hand in logistics
The use of advanced robotics in logistics is on the rise, but more time is needed to overcome key barriers.
The sharing economy has disrupted many industries. Is logistics next?
Logistics providers are paving new roads for businesses and customers by embracing the sharing economy.
Advancing workforce capabilities with wearables
Bionic enhancements may just be the right countermeasure to an aging workforce and common workplace hazards.
Track and Trace: Why your business needs it more than ever
Improving supply chain visibility is essential as trade is pressured by rising costs, growing volumes and threats to sustainable growth.
Meet the top disruptors of Asia Pacific logistics
What do drones, mobile wallets, and analytics software have in common? They could disrupt the future of logistics unless companies tap them first.