Navigating the outlying islands is no walk in the park, with ferry-hopping, cycling, and aggressive canines all being a part of the courier’s journey.

With most of these islands only accessible by ferries, “walker” couriers have to ferry-hop.

On shore, they rent bicycles to speed up deliveries to less-accessible locations carrying specially designed backpacks.

Occasionally, they call to ask for directions due to disorganized street numbers.

Couriers have even been chased, attacked, and bitten by dogs.

To top it off, they have to look out for warnings for mid-year storms and typhoons.

Hong Kong plans to further connect the terrain with better and faster transportation.

“When better transport options surface, we will adapt our routes accordingly, to make shorter journeys for our walkers, and to better serve our customers in the outlying islands.” Boris Chui, Vice President, Operations, DHL Express Hong Kong

Walkers, however, face further challenges in the densely populated main Hong Kong islands.

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