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The resilience of job-hunting youth during the global pandemic
Young people in Asia are anxious about their job prospects as the unemployment rate increases, but most remain resilient as they embark on their careers.
Sustainable mobility: The road to cleaner transport
Industry heavyweights are leading the charge in sustainable mobility from electric trucks to alternatives for aviation fuel.
How DHL is helping Sierra Leone’s youth secure their future
Sierra Leone’s youth have been plagued by unemployment, but training and education programs are giving them a shot at building a brighter future.
In Rwanda, building a knowledge-based economy starts with the youth
The pandemic has slowed Rwanda's growth, but the government and its partners in the private sector remain committed to delivering a brighter future.
Rethinking disaster response: Humanitarian logistics during a pandemic
How DHL’s disaster response volunteers got around a global pandemic to provide aid to those most in need.
IWD 2021: DHL’s women warriors are choosing to challenge
This year’s International Women’s Day (IWD) 2021 theme is #Choosetochallenge. Here’s how these DHL employees have been living that ethos.
Diversity and digitalization in logistics: Leading with head, heart and guts
Eva Mattheeussen, Global Project Lead of ‘Women at DHL Global Forwarding’ shares her lessons and experiences on diversity and leadership.
How cold chain logistics is helping to make food and pharma more sustainable
Developments in cold chain logistics can help balance growth and sustainability. Here are some ways in which key sectors like food and healthcare benefit.
“Even in the midst of Covid-19, the battle against climate change must carry on”
True decarbonization of the transport sector makes a paradigm shift from offsetting to insetting necessary, says Tim Scharwath, CEO DHL Global Forwarding,
Green shoots still emerge, despite the haze of Covid on India’s education system
With few having regular internet access, India’s efforts to educate its young remains a challenge. DHL’s GoTeach program continues to try to plug the gaps.