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‘Chipageddon’: How Taiwan is battling the global chip shortage
Semiconductors are the lifeblood of the modern world, but now there is a critical shortage worldwide and Taiwan is at the center of it.
Ken Lee on how technology is crucial to delivering service excellence | Video
The way customers prefer to interact with businesses is changing, but are businesses adapting their customer service operations?
Tackling sanctions: How DHL Express navigates legal, regulatory frameworks
Ensuring compliance in logistics has become increasingly complex due to the growing number of sanctions, but technology is helping to drive efficiencies.
Changing tides: The Australian fashion brand taking global strides
For Richard Jarman, the pandemic’s travel restrictions presented an opportunity to review the sustainability strategy of his resort wear brand, COMMAS.
Road freight en route to brighter future beyond Covid-19
In Southeast Asia, the market share of road freight is expected to grow substantially with new initiatives and an imminent economic recovery.
The State of Globalization in… Asia Pacific
Take a closer look at how the Asia Pacific region performed in the latest DHL Global Connectedness Index.
SMEs urged to remain agile, transparent with customers to keep goods moving: DHL
Aussie kids toys, kitchenware and athleisure enterprises showed the outbound way in 2020.
How e-commerce logistics helped Japan’s Toudoukan grapple with Covid-19
Tokyo’s professional wresting paradise put up a fight against global travel and shipping restrictions with stronger e-commerce logistics.
How resilient clinical trial supply chains are driving APAC’s pharma growth
As regulatory and cost pressures threaten clinical trial supply chains, DHL Supply Chain is tapping into technology to help pharmaceutical manufacturers.
The State of Globalization in… the Middle East & North Africa
Take a closer look at how the Middle East & North Africa region performed in the latest DHL Global Connectedness Index.