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The latest trends shaping the future of logistics

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AI and Automation: Aides, not adversaries
The rise of AI and Automation has led to concerns about their dangers. But here is how robots are transforming the logistics industry for the better.
5 ways IoT trackers can save your ass(et)
From end-to-end visibility to real-time inventory counts, asset tracking can save money and improve efficiency in warehouse and supply chain operations.
Everything you need to know about parcel lockers
The popularity of parcel lockers is growing rapidly worldwide due to their convenience, security, cost-effectiveness, and even environmental benefits.
AI-driven big data analytics: the next big thing in supply chain management
Logistics experts are discovering the value of AI-driven, real-time analytics to achieve the visibility needed for more robust and resilient supply chains.
Navigating the urban jungle: Hong Kong’s couriers are walking the last mile
In one of the most developed cities on the planet, delivering a package requires a surprising blend of high-tech and mundane solutions.
How digitalization has transformed DHL Express’ operations
Embarking on digital transformation has driven greater efficiencies and higher productivity for DHL Express. CEO Ken Lee and CIO Jimmy Yeoh share more.
How a simple web application is tackling labor shortages in the warehouse
Warehouse labor shortages have long been a thorn in global supply chains, but a new web application developed by DHL employees could soon change that.
Covid-19 accelerates multimodal logistics and digitalization for manufacturers
The Covid-19 pandemic has led laboratory supply companies like Agilent to explore multimodal logistics solutions, and created impetus for digitalization.
Track and Trace: Why your business needs it more than ever
Improving supply chain visibility is essential as trade is pressured by rising costs, growing volumes and threats to sustainable growth.
Quantum computing could transform the logistics industry within the next decade
Quantum computers are still years away from practical application, but it looks set to positively impact industries including logistics.
Warehouse digitalization and automation trends pivot after Covid-19
The economic effects of Covid-19 will see a slowdown in digitization and automation upgrades for warehousing, but lower-cost tech remains attractive.
Launch of new digital platform Saloodo! in South Africa promises better road freight optimization
Saloodo! country lead and DHL veteran Homashni Naidoo shares her insights on digitalization and embracing change.
Next-gen wireless: Why LPWAN is essential to the future of IoT in logistics
Amid the 5G hype, Low Power Wide Area Network technologies have quietly forged ahead as a low-cost alternative in the future of Internet of Things.