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Australia’s e-commerce companies are getting a boost with warehouse automation
An increased volume in online shopping has accelerated the need to enhance the supply chain process with efficient automation.
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Has Covid-19 changed Asia’s e-commerce landscape forever?
Companies had to adapt swiftly to the shift in consumer habits and mindset.
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Why India’s e-commerce needs to be sustainable to maintain explosive growth
As e-commerce transforms India’s economy and industry, achieving sustainability will be vital to keeping and accelerating the country’s growth.
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Expanding trade opportunities for Asia Pacific in a post-pandemic world
According to the DHL Trade Growth Atlas 2022, the region will lead the world in terms of trade growth over the next five years.
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A skilled, digitalized workforce is the key to India’s economic growth
The digitalization journey for the logistics industry in India stems from its traditional labour-rich resource.
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A new spring for Egypt
Years on from the Arab Spring, and after the introduction of many economic reforms, Egypt is experiencing a new spring that promises new opportunities.
Just another day of work in Iraq
In his seven years with DHL Global Forwarding Iraq, Moustafa Elbanhawi has become well-acquainted with crises and challenges of all kinds.
Vietnamese textile exports set to rise amid global trade tensions
Vietnam’s textile industry is on the rise, fueled by free trade agreements like the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership.
Vaccine Logistics: The key challenges for governments and private sector players
Vaccine logistics for Covid-19 will pose challenges that must be jointly addressed by governments and private players urgently.
These patents could usher logistics into the future
With innovation high on the agenda, key players are tapping technology to solve problems that have long plagued the industry.
One small step for mankind, one giant leap for logistics
From its humble beginnings in 1969 to a worldwide logistics network today, the DHL brand has become a household name in just 50 years.
Asia’s appetite for fresh Australian produce
A surge in cross-border e-commerce, improved logistics, and bilateral trade agreements are cementing Australia’s status as a leader in fresh food exports.
How did Neelofa build her fashion empire?
In the world of young female entrepreneurs, Neelofa stands out with her charm, success and strong business acumen. Here's why.
The digital twins are coming of age
Digital twinning technology is entering the mainstream where it is predicting future situations, the state of physical things and even the world around us.
From India to Africa, this CEO has built multiple businesses from scratch
Pramod Bagalwadi has a knack for solving tough problems, like the ones he has encountered throughout his career across India, Middle East, and Africa.
Covid-19 presented a logistical challenge for an industry off the beaten track.
Tasmanian salmon farmers find a novel way to get their catch to market
Covid-19 presented a logistical challenge for an industry off the beaten track.
Tasmanian salmon farmers find a novel way to get their catch to market
Covid-19 presented a logistical challenge for an industry off the beaten track.
Morocco’s automotive industry racing ahead at full speed
Morocco may be known for its vibrant traditional crafts and refreshing mint teas. But something else is powering its economic engines these days.
Pitch perfect: How a Taiwanese firm is revolutionizing baseball
In baseball-crazy Taiwan, sports technology firm Jingle has developed a solution to help players up their game.
The future of logistics takes flight
Drones have the potential to revolutionize supply chains and shape the future of unmanned aerial vehicles in logistics.