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“Belt and Road”: What you need to know
It is the most ambitious trade project in history, expected to increase national trade by US$2.5 trillion within a decade. Find out more.
Unlock India’s Market Potential
India’s fast growing economy has resulted in a greater demand for Chinese manufactured goods. But this growth is not without its challenges.
DHL Export Barometer 2016
The 2016 DHL Export Barometer has recorded no increase in exporter confidence for the first time since 2011. Find out more.
Artificial Intelligence in Logistics
The digital revolution is redefining many aspects of modern life around the world. What does this mean for the world of logistics? Read on.
Blockchain in Logistics- how will it change our global supply chains?
What if we could remove the need for intermediaries in the world of logistics? And can blockchain live up to its promises? Read more to find out.
What’s Driving Growth in Asia?
Road freight accounts for more than half of all cargo movements in the ASEAN region. Find out how DHL’s road freight networks can connect you to ASEAN.
Shortening the Last Mile
Increasing urbanization is making the last mile of delivery more complex and critical for the success of e-commerce companies.