Green Logistics

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Business practices aimed at minimizing the environmental impacts of the logistics industry.

Logistics, which includes the transportation of goods, warehousing, and distribution processes, require intensive resource consumption and energy use, and produce significant carbon emissions. Organizations are focusing on green logistics to minimize the environmental impact to maintain sustainable logistics practices.

Green logistics encompasses various practices and strategies to minimize resource consumption, carbon footprint, and waste throughout the supply chain. This is achieved through technology and adopting green strategies alongside other business and financial goals.

Green logistics can be reflected through various stages in the supply chain.

Transport is responsible for most of the carbon emissions produced in the supply chain. To minimize the environmental impact, the focus is on planning for green shipping. Strategies include using electric vehicles, offering carbon offset options, and employing algorithms for optimal delivery routes. Reducing failed deliveries also helps reduce additional emissions.

Using smarter, space-saving packaging is the key to a sustainable supply chain. This strategy eliminates unnecessary waste and optimizes both transport and storage space.

Transitioning to environmentally friendly packaging is increasingly achievable with innovative recycling options available in the market. Some existing innovations enable packaging to be effectively reused, recycled, or composted.

In the storage phase, warehouses should be as sustainable and efficient as possible to minimize energy consumption. Some common practices include optimizing the storage space vertically, installing solar panels, and using energy-efficient lighting and cooling systems. Another strategy is to optimize warehouse proximity to target locations for additional energy conservation.

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