Trending product categories for 2021

Learn about the trending product categories for this year to ensure that your business stays ahead.
03 February 2021 •

Consumers’ purchasing habits are constantly changing, but it is fair to say that 2020 shifted them in a way like never before, as a record number of people turned to online shopping. Selling online was once a painstaking process, but 2020 changed the narrative and showed us how quickly small businesses can digitally pivot their businesses.

For new businesses and start-ups, now is the optimal time to break into your market. Research shows that the pandemic pushed people to try new products and services for the first time as shopping online allowed them to explore and compare new brands easily.

Starting an e-commerce business has never been easier. The popularity of online marketplaces means you have the option of selling via a ready-made platform that will take care of much of the hassle for you.

As the pandemic reaches its one-year anniversary, we have seen some e-commerce trends come and go (bread-making machine, anyone?), yet other new consumer behaviors will stay for the long term. So, take a look at the product categories we predict will be hot property this year, and position your business to meet demand.

This article was first published on Discover and was republished with permission.

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