Southeast Asia Freight: The Road to Growth

Renewed economic growth in ASEAN countries will give rise to demand for cross-border road transportation as trade recovers, according to a DHL whitepaper.
  • Economic indicators point toward increasing trade across Asia in the coming years as post-Covid-19 recoveries supercharge demand. This will have a direct impact on contract logistics, forwarding, trucking and parcel supply chain demand.
  • Intra-Asia trade is set to receive a series of boosts from new trade agreements and facilitating regulations in the months and years ahead. This reduction of trade restrictions and ease of doing business will support economic growth and trade. Most of Asia is connected by land, making trucking services a cost-effective and efficient option for many customers.
  • Cross-border trucking in Southeast Asia, and from ASEAN to other parts of Asia, continues to grow, driven by e-commerce consumer spending and the door-to-door logistics solutions consumers and businesses demand. Road freight already makes up nearly one third of ASEAN’s entire logistics market, with growth in the coming decade expected to outpace the use of trucking logistics solutions in other parts of the world.
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