Shore-based logistics

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Logistics support for activities involved along a port or coastline.

Shore-based logistics refers to the management and support of activities in maintaining operations from a fixed location on land near a port or a coastline.

It encompasses the management of a process supply chain, including the planning and execution of acquisition, transportation, storage, and distribution of resources needed to ensure the timely and efficient flow of personnel, equipment, supplies, and services. Tasks include inventory management, tracking, and maintaining adequate stock levels to meet operational demands, and in some cases, securing direct quayside access with dredged channels and safe delivery.

Depending on the site's remoteness, logistics operations may involve heavy coordination with suppliers and transport companies to ensure timely delivery. For instance, projects drilling for water wells or oil and gas require careful planning of shore-based logistics. This includes securing a reliable power generation source and setting up water storage tanks as well as treatment facilities. Transportation and logistics support to ferry resources and supplies from operating hub locations to sites near the shoreline are also involved.

The specific services used for shore-based logistics will vary depending on each project's location, scale, and duration. Thorough planning, coordination, and attention to detail are essential to ensure success in any operation. 

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