Material Safety Data Sheet

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A supporting document detailing the safety and health information of all materials and substances in your shipment.

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is a comprehensive document that provides details about the properties, hazards, and safe handling procedures for a particular product. It is used as a supporting document to prove that the products included in the shipment do not fall under the Dangerous Good (DG) category.

Transporting authorized DG using DHL Express comes with specific restrictions, requirements, and may incur additional charges. The shipment will have to be shipped on cargo-only flights, which are less frequent than daily flights schedules, and subjected to heightened security and customs examinations.

Although an MSDS is not required for all shipments, it is important to note that if the contents are suspected to be hazardous, the shipment will be held back on processing until relevant documents are presented.

Therefore, it is essential to submit an MSDS if the shipment might be misunderstood or is directly related to DG. This document acts as proof that your shipment is not classified as DG, allowing it to be sent as a regular shipment and avoiding delays.

In compliance with international shipping laws, DHL Express emphasizes the need for vigilance in handling each shipment. We recommend consulting with specialists before shipping to ensure adherence to proper packaging and transportation guidelines, particularly for authorized dangerous goods.

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