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The local transportation of goods over a short distance.

Also known as “the first mile”, drayage is the transport of cargo from an origin point, such as a port or rail terminal, to a destination point within proximity.

Drayage services typically facilitate the distribution of cargo within metropolitan hubs. They also enable the smooth flow and transfer of goods between different transportation modes, such as ocean vessels, rail cars, or other long-haul carriers and local distribution networks.

In logistics operations, drayage often refers specifically to the movement of shipping containers. Containerized cargo is typically loaded onto specialized drayage trucks, also known as drayage carriers, which are equipped with chassis to accommodate the containers. The drayage carriers pick up containers and oversized cargo from ocean ports or rail terminals and deliver them to designated destinations in local warehouses and distribution centers.

Often, drayage services are time-sensitive due to the need to quickly move containers or cargo between various points in the supply chain. Efficiency and promptness are crucial, as delays in the first mile can have a ripple effect on overall logistics operations.

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