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A process where airlines and logistics providers claim the environmental benefits associated with sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) even if they do not use SAF.

Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) production and sale are separated into two components: the physical fuel and the emissions reductions. SAF producers generate and certify the production of sustainable aviation fuel, along with the corresponding amount of greenhouse gas emissions compared to conventional jet fuel. These emissions reductions are often quantified in terms of carbon credits.

Due to factors like production capacity or costs, SAF is not always readily available for immediate use. As such, companies interested in reducing carbon emissions or meeting sustainability targets can purchase SAF through the book and claim system. The purchased SAF is neither received nor used by the entities, but the associated emissions reduction through the production of SAF can be subtracted from the companies’ overall carbon footprint.

While companies work on other changes to transition to more sustainable practices, they can use book and claim to showcase a commitment to sustainability without making significant changes to operations. They can also leverage the book and claim system to meet sustainability targets under regulatory compliance, and project an environmentally conscious image.

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