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The digital twins are coming of age
Digital twinning technology is entering the mainstream where it is predicting future situations, the state of physical things and even the world around us.
These patents could usher logistics into the future
With innovation high on the agenda, key players are tapping technology to solve problems that have long plagued the industry.
The future of logistics takes flight
Drones have the potential to revolutionize supply chains and shape the future of unmanned aerial vehicles in logistics.
5 ways to tackle counterfeiting in the supply chain
Counterfeiting has become a pervasive problem in the logistics industry, but there are solutions to prevent fake goods from entering the supply chain.
Digital freight puts UAE SMEs in the driving seat for growth
Small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) looking to expand across the region are turning to digital platforms for their evolving logistics needs.
Tap the benefits of blockchain, but mind the pitfalls
Businesses are eager to tap the touted benefits of blockchain, but they should be wary of the roadblocks ahead for the evolving technology.
5G: Five things it means for logistics
The fifth generation of cellular internet connectivity is set to be the supercharged gateway to a smarter and more connected logistics world.
Advancing workforce capabilities with wearables
Bionic enhancements may just be the right countermeasure to an aging workforce and common workplace hazards.
The sharing economy has disrupted many industries. Is logistics next?
Logistics providers are paving new roads for businesses and customers by embracing the sharing economy.
Harnessing the power of IoT for the logistics industry
With the Internet of Things connecting more devices every day, industries are being transformed with greater intelligence and efficiencies by the minute.