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About Logistics of Things


In today’s tightly knit global economy, logistics is the instrument that seamlessly connects individuals, businesses, and even industries. Understanding the vital role of these connections forms an appreciation of how logistics acts as a critical enabler in our everyday lives.

Through Logistics of Things (LoT), we explore how logistics impacts businesses, builds lasting connections and drives innovation. Each story offers an insight into the world of logistics and articles are chosen to resonate with our customers, partners and colleagues globally. The site offers an authoritative take on the latest trends, picks up on significant developments that might have an impact on our industry, and showcases the expertise of 'heroes' within the wider DHL community.

Logistics of Things is essential reading for anyone who wants to know the latest happenings in our fast-changing, dynamic industry. If you’ve found a particularly interesting article that you are keen to republish, check out our guidelines on how you can reuse our content.

And if you have any interesting logistics-related insights or story ideas to share, email our editorial team at!